about us

iris-a-maz are iris holstein and matthias hederer

collaboration since 2001

first project: my bonny lies over the ocean (australia/germany, 2002)

members of pong artistcollective 2003-2009
members of think tank büro für raumfragen 2004-2006
first expedition: rouen souvenir with büro für raumfragen (france, 2005)
editors at biotope city since 2006
second expedition: paradise is over the ocean (australia, 2006/2007)
artist in residence at pact zollverein (essen, 2007)
members of frappant (artist society) since 2009 and fux (confraternity) since 2015
third expedition: es ist nicht alles grün das wächst (australia, japan, 2013)
artist in residence at künstlerdorf schöppingen (2015/2016)

we are scientists, artists and lovers!

latest shows (2015/16):

substanzieller einfluss - erholungshaus / leverkusen
der liebe gott -frappant galerie / hamburg

idylle - zeltnerschloss / nürnberg
orbis subvirides - kunstraum tosterglope
belvedere - ms artville festival / hamburg
encapsulated - f6 / schöppingen

irisas senography worx
matthias videography worx

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